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Recognized for the fourth consecutive year, Leatrice (Lee) is named #15 in the group of 50 top "Fashion Artisans" by HFN in a list that includes Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Georgio Armani and Vera Wang. Fortune Magazine has featured Lee as one of the top decision makers for her work in color. Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine named Lee as one of the top 100 people, places and things that define Seattle design. Lee was also awarded an "IMMIE" for her work in color & personal image. Click on the "About Lee" link at the top of this page to learn more about Lee’s accomplishments and how her expertise and guidance can bring more color into your life.
America’s leading color expert


What is the best thing you can do when you don’t have a thing to wear? What’s the secret ingredient that can instantly improve the way you look and feel?

It’s simple—discover your personal colors! Here Lee will introduce you to her original, easy-to-follow "Color Clock" system—the quick way to find and use the colors that reflect your personal style and transform the way you look.

Based on the colors of your eyes, hair and skin (and on your personality), discover your personal range of beautiful colors in Lee’s Colortimes®:
Sunrise, with the sparkling jewel tones of dawn and dew,
Sunlight, with the soft pastels and delicious fruit shades of noon, or
Sunset, with the fiery hues that mellow into dusk.


*Is color one of your greatest passions?

*Have you always had an eye for color?

*Do your friends always look to you for advice?

*Does combining colors come naturally to you?

*Do you constantly look for more information on color?

*Is your mind open to exploring new ideas and concepts?


"The Colortime® Image Training is a result of my sharing with you my years of developing, teaching, researching, living, eating and breathing color!! I have had the good fortune to work with talented people in many areas of design and color. But most importantly, I have learned so much through the interaction with clients and students. If you love color and enjoy working with people, watching their confidence blossom, this is a program that will reward you in many ways, personally, creatively and financially."
In her online image training course Lee will show you how to apply these concepts to clients as a certified Colortime® Image Consultant. If you are interested in becoming one of Lee’s international group of color consultants, click on the training link below for additional information and to enroll in the class.


Enhancing your professional career with new ideas and concepts, even if you have had color training in the past, will only increase the value you provide to your clients.

To learn more about the secrets of Lee’s Colortimes® you can order the book and the special More Alive With Color fanguide by clicking on the links below.
will show you how to achieve personal fashion style through the colors that will energize your wardrobe, cosmetics and hair, flatter your face and figure (or physique), make shopping easy and add a creative element to your look.

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