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As some of you may already know, More Alive With Color is an update of my first book, Alive With Color and, just as I felt when that book was published, the time is right to present to new generations the concepts presented in that book. It is also the appropriate time to offer an alternative to those people who might have had their colors done and were not particularly happy with the results. Others may feel that times have changed (and they have!) and they would like a more flexible system for selecting colors.

There are many others who simply want to feel more confident with their color choices or are going through transitions in their lives and want to make changes to their color and styling as well. The Color Clock system explained in the book is less rigid than other color analysis systems and includes expanded Crossover colors that work with every palette. Individual personalities and comfort levels are also important considerations in determining personal Colortimes®.

"A message from Leatrice Eiseman..."
First, a little bit of history ...
Who are your potential clients?

With all of this potential for developing a clientele, the time is right to offer training in personal image and color consulting. If you are already working with color in another field, I believe that this kind of consulting could be a natural adjunct to the work you are already doing. And, as you already have clients, friends, relatives and colleagues who know you have a talent for color, that will provide you with a list of potential clients.

Chances are that they are already asking you for advice. In turn, they have friends, co-workers, relatives and so on who could be referred to you for your services. The expanded potential for consulting is huge as everyone you already know or will meet in the future is a possibility for a consultation. One of the best aspects of this work is that these consultations can supplement your current income and can be scheduled at your convenience. If you are not presently doing color work, but still have a passion and an innate talent for color, training in color and image can help you find another outlet for that passion.

What are the rewards?
One of the most rewarding aspects of color/image consulting is the personal connection you can make with your clients. After having their colors done, they develop a trust in your judgment that could lead to other consulting opportunities, such as helping them with colors in their homes or, if they are involved in a business, your color expertise could be useful there as well. All areas of your consulting work will naturally dovetail with all others. And you will find that you will develop a following as there is a real connection in this kind of consulting. Obviously, one of the most important rewards is financial and guidelines for a fee structure are included in the training program.
Are there any color tools that are a necessary component of the training?

A very useful fanguide of Pantone colors has been developed and will be required as part of the color consultation. It contains all three of the Colortimes®—Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset—plus the Crossover colors, making it possible to use the fanguide for various purposes, interior design included. As explained in the training, consultants will be able to purchase the fanguides at a wholesale price so that they can include the guide as part of the consultation or resell them to their clients. Expensive color drapes are not necessary for this method of color analysis. Just one neutral colored drape is all that is necessary and both the fanguide and the drape are included in your "starter kit" that is explained below. So, for a minimal business investment, the training will pay for itself very quickly.

The course is illustrated throughout with images that demonstrate important points and examples of client coloring on "real people"—much like a seminar you would be attending in person. There are practice sessions specified in key places throughout the program.

Where is the consulting conducted?
Consulting can be done in small groups or one-on-one. They can be in the client’s home or in your home studio or a salon, spa, gym or other appropriate places. And as many companies are beginning to think that the "dressing down" attitude has led to real sloppiness in the workplace, seminars could also be suggested to a variety of businesses as an incentive to having their employees look more professional. This in turn could lead to those employees becoming clients for color/image consultations.
How and where does the training take place?
The class is online and is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. That means you can fit it into your schedule at your convenience. You will be able to go as slowly or as quickly as you want to, depending on your own learning curve. There is no pressure to complete the course within a prescribed period of time, no expensive travel arrangements to make, no hotel or food costs....just a computer. Optimally it will be a computer that is calibrated for good color and on a high speed Internet connection.
How is certification as a Colortime Image Consultant earned?
At the end of the training you will be asked to fill in your responses to the Color Word Association Study. Once your responses have been submitted to and reviewed by me, a certificate will be issued and mailed to you. Your name will then be added to my list of certified Colortime® Image Consultants on the More Alive With Color website. This listing will include your contact information and will be searchable by geographic location for those who are looking for a color/image consultant in their area.
What is included in the training?

.  An overview of how the Color Clock system was developed
.  An in-depth explanation of the Colortimes®—Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset
. How to relate personal coloring to colors as they appear in nature
. Recognizing different skin, eye and hair colors for each Colortime® palette
.  The concept and explanation of the Crossover colors that work in every palette
.  Mastering color combinations, using the "goof proof" recommendations as a start
. Learning to be in tune with your client’s emotional reactions to color
. How to determine Prime, Optional and Possible Colortime® palettes for your clients
.  How to identify your client’s best Signature Colors

Additional information in the training ...
. Important guidelines on how to conduct a color analysis
.  The sequence and timing of an analysis
.  Necessary tools for conducting a session
. How to use colors to influence others/finding balance with yang and yin
. Personal traits that are expressed through color
.  Power colors—personal and professional
And, very importantly ...
.  Where and how to look for future clientele
. Exploring the possibilities for business that are sometimes overlooked
. How to get publicity for your services
.  Arriving at a cost for your services
Once you enroll in the training course, you will receive a starter kit valued at $350.00 that includes:
.  Your personal password for logging on to the training on your computer
. Five Colortime® fanguides to get your consulting business started
. An autographed copy of More Alive With Color to use in your consulting sessions
.  Two draping cloths to neutralize your client’s clothing while conducting the analysis
.  Printed sheets with color names from each palette for note taking during analysis
. Elastic bands to separate the Colortime® palettes in your fanguide
For your consultations you will need to provide ...

.  A well-lit space with natural lighting or full spectrum lighting that can be purchased in hardware or      lighting stores. They may fit into existing ceiling fixtures or you can use free standing lamps.
.  A wall mounted or free standing mirror available in beauty supply or drugstores
. Comfortable straight-back chairs with a table surface for taking notes

What is the cost of the training?
The cost of the training course is $1675.00
How do I enroll for the training?

Once you have decided to take the training, click on the "Enroll Now" link at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to a secure site to complete the process.

You will receive your starter kit within two weeks at which time you will have your unique personal ID and password to log onto the training website and you may then begin the class whenever you choose.

"If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career or looking for opportunities to expand your color knowledge, I hope that you decide to take this program. If you have a fascination or passion for color, I know that you will enjoy learning a color concept that allows you to tap into your own creativity, potential and talents to further develop them. The relationship you develop with your clients and the positive feedback you get from them will not only enrich their lives, but yours as well.

I look forward to having you join our international group of Colortime® Image Consultants."

Leatrice (Lee) Eiseman

What is your refund policy?
Tuition for this program is non-refundable as, unlike a tangible product, the information contained in the More Alive With Color training program is intellectual property of the author, Leatrice Eiseman.

All content © 2008 by Leatrice Eiseman. All rights reserved.
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Please remember it will take about two weeks to receive your starter kit. This kit includes the password you will need to access your online training.