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From the More Alive With Color book You Will Learn How To:

  • Determine your personal Colortime® that will help you when shopping for clothes, cosmetics, and accessories.
  • Use color with confidence to make you feel more secure and successful and to help you avoid expensive mistakes with color.
  • Take advantage of your personal Signature Colors to help you establish your very own style
  • Combine colors to bring out your own creativity.
  • See what color says about you, enabling you to transform your wardrobe, your cosmetics, your style and reflect your personality.
  • Use my Color Clock™ system to simplify, organize and excite your life!
  • Utilize Crossover Colors that everyone can use as the no-fail basis of a ‘working’ wardrobe.

Notes from Lee

One of the most important things I have learned about color is that you never stop learning about it, because color “rules” are never so rigid that they cannot be adapted to your needs. If you already have a real sense of color, you’ll find that this book helps you understand why you choose the colors you do. If you are a professional who deals with color, it may open new avenues of thinking such as how to deal more objectively with your clients. If you are really interested in color, you’ll not only find out about the “how-to’s”, but also about the “why-do-I’s” of the colors you choose.

The purpose of this book is to share my discoveries with you so that you can enrich your life, as I have mine, and learn to be more alive with color! Color can literally change your life and can certainly simplify it.

The Fanguide

To help you in shopping for clothing, cosmetics and hair color, or various other color matching projects, I have developed a fanguide that includes all of the Colortime® palettes found in More Alive With Color Sunrise, Sunlight and Sunset plus the Crossover colors that work for every palette. For ease of matching, each color has its own full page on a 6 X 1 3/4 strip.

The fanguide is an indispensable tool that you can conveniently carry in your handbag or pocket. It will make your color decisions so much simpler and will definitely increase your color confidence.

It’s easy!

After you take the quiz included in the More Alive With Color book, you will be able to identify the colors that best reflect your personality and physical appearance.

To use the fanguide, fan out the colors of your prime Colortime®. As colors can appear slightly different on varying surfaces, do not try to match your colors exactly. Hold your Colortime® palette up to the product you are considering and your eyes will immediately tell you if the color works best for you.

Great for professional stylists

If you are a professional hairstylist, cosmetic consultant, fashion stylist, image consultant, wedding or party planner, or anyone else who must make color decisions and give advice to clients, this will serve as a valuable professional tool.

Ideal for decorating

The More Alive With Color fanguide will also help you to choose colors for decorating as it can be used for matching paint colors, choosing fabric colors or any other item that you need to coordinate for your home. So you will never have to be bothered with taking the time to make returns.